Sioux Falls Meeting

Ron Wieczorek,
Independent for Congress, South Dakota
Hosts Ag Crisis and Policy Meeting Sunday October 14th!


Where: Holiday Inn Sioux Falls-City Centre
(100 W 8th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57104)
When: Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018

10 am to 6 pm (working lunch & breaks) --- Morning meet & greet, 8:00 am
Pre-registration, details: --- Contact: 703 554 5397, Bob Baker

Policy Solutions Presented by: Jason Ross, Marcia Merry, and Robert Baker,
Experts on Science, Economic Policy and Agriculture from the LaRouche Political Movement.

We are at the end of the U.S. family farm system, if we don’t take emergency action. Three decades of globalist “free” trade has crushed the economy and destroyed rural America. There’s no need to let this go on. National sovereignty can only be maintained through “American System” methods. Learn how we can return America to these policies.


Ron Wieczorek wants your vote in South Dakota, and your help to collaborate with citizens from across the Plains, the North American continent, and worldwide, to take the emergency measures needed to secure a productive future for the U.S. and all nations. Rebuild our cities and infrastructure as well as restore our rural lands. This is above political party politics, and urgent.
The door stands open to the United States joining the sweeping new infrastructure and development drive called the “New Silk Road,” now building inter-nation transportation corridors—Land-Bridges—of rail, power and water systems, with new agro-industrial centers, across Eurasia, into Africa, and even South America. We must reinstate the Glass Steagall law, set up a national infrastructure bank, and pump out plenty of credit for infrastructure, and crash R & D programs for space and nuclear energy. This is called the “LaRouche Four Economic Laws.”

President Trump has shown the way, with his initiatives for friendship with President Xi Jinping of China and President Vladimir Putin of Russia, and with the June, 2018 miracle meeting with North Korean Chairman Kim Yong-un. Trump rightly states he wants to end the era of “free” (rigged) trade deals—WTO, TPP, NAFTA—a legacy of the Wall Street/City of London mode of casino economics, geopolitical conflict and wars. So, what happens next? It’s up to us. This meeting will show the way.

We need to prod into action the major powers—United States, China, Russia, India and others, to start talks for a “New Bretton Woods” (NBW) world system to replace the dying Western monetarist system, now on the verge of a blow-out far worse than 2007-2008. NBW means such conditions as fixed currency exchange rates, ending monopolization and other essentials for sound growth. We must spell out emergency farm sector measures. Put in parity-based pricing (covering costs, plus a decent profit). Bust up the food/farm chain monopolies. Plan for millions of new family-scale farms, and young farmers!

To stop our American System mission, the City of London/Wall Street crowd is perpetrating the “Russia-Gate”/hit-man Mueller attack on the Trump presidency. They want to keep their rotten casino-econ system. The British pedigree of the operation is now plain for all to see.

Don’t oust Trump! Oust Wall Street! Join the fight to secure our future!

Welcome! See you on October 14, thank you, Ron Wieczorek
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