Wieczorek Demands EU Nations and USA Cooperation

Wieczorek Tells EU and Trump to Cooperate

Mt. Vernon June 22, 2018

Candidate Ron Wieczorek has called on the EU nations and President Trump to continue the path of cooperation that was followed at the recent meeting in Singapore of President Trump and President Kim. Wieczorek is adding his signature to the call issued by the International Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche just hours ago.  He also called on his fellow South Dakotans to listen the to press conference given by President Trump at the conclusion of the Singapore Summit.

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Wieczorek Explains Stance on Glass-Steagall

On June 13th Aberdeen News published the following news interview of Candidate Wieczorek:

Ron Speaking to Press Reporter

Aberdeen News Report

Wieczorek Stops in Aberdeen

Wieczorek stops in Aberdeen along campaign trail

ABERDEEN, S.D. (HubCityRadio.com) – Ron Wieczorek, Independent candidate for Congress, is hitting the campaign trail. He is running against Democrat Tim Bjorkman and Republican Dusty Johnson.

Wieczorek was in Aberdeen on Monday where he talked about his platform. One of his focus points is the economy.

Candidate Wieczorek answers five questions to Aberdeen reporter.

Wieczorek on Campaign Trail