Fourth of July Message

Candidate Ron Wieczorek issues 4th of July message.

Below is Candidate Wieczorek's pickup truck and the second picture is with his wife Deanna at the 4th of July parade in Sioux Falls.

Wieczorek Campaign Present During European Meeting

How to Overcome Geopolitics & Danger of New World War

Ron Wieczorek's Independent Campaign for South Dakota US House of Representatives was well represented and well received at a recent international conference near Bad Soden, Germany on June 30 hosted by the Schiller Institute.

At the left of the picture is Robert Baker, Wieczorek Campaign Volunteer and Jacque Cheminade, Former Candidate for President of France.

Below are leaders from Germany, Sweden and Denmark that proudly show their approval of Wieczorek's campaign for South Dakota US House of Representatives.

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Wieczorek Statement on NAFTA

Daily Republic of Mitchell, SD

Publishes Letter to the Editor from Ron Wieczorek

With the Headline

NAFTA died ugly death it deserved

To the Editor:

For over 25 years, NAFTA stood relatively unchallenged, standing almost as a universal law, whose very existence was built into the fabric of evolution of society. 4.5 million manufacturing jobs in the USA have been lost since its implementation, having been replaced with low paying "service sector" jobs that are ultimately non-productive for the nation as a whole. While Mexico gained factory jobs, they did so by becoming slave market producers. In all three countries, the real fruits of NAFTA can be seen by the explosions of child poverty, crime, opioid/drug epidemics and suicide.

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