Cattle Rancher for Congress

Independent candidate for Congress campaigns across South Dakota

Talking in Depth with Ron Wieczorek

KELO In Depth Interview Candidate Wieczorek

Wieczorek is able to go into depth on who he is, and the policies he brings to the table.
Click below to listen the to entire interview with Ron Wieczorek and KELO reporter, Todd Epp. Click here for interview.

Below is Lyndon LaRouche with Wieczorek campaign literature at a recent conference near Bad Soden, Germany on June 30, 2018.

Wieczorek Campaign Literature Put Smile on LaRouche

Why? Our Grandchildren Need a Future! That is why.

Independent Candidate Ron Wieczorek talks to KELO TV

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. ( -- Independent candidate for Congress Ron Wieczorek says while his Democratic and Republican opponents argue about what kind of car you should drive in a parade, he wants to fix the banking system.

Candidate Wieczorek spent some time with KELO reporter, Todd Epp, on July 6th and had the following to say:

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