First Debate

At South Dakota State Fair Debate Wieczorek Only Candidate
To Call Mueller Investigation "Witch Hunt"!

The only candidate to attack the Mueller Investigation for Russian Election Meddling was Ron Wieczorek. Wieczorek call the investigation a witch hunt. Wieczorek set himself apart from the other candidates by attacking Wall Street as the controlling interest of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

The Mitchell Republic coverage of the debate had the following to say about Candidate Wieczorek:

"Wieczorek, from Mount Vernon, has been a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche’s campaigns for the Democratic presidential nomination and previously ran for statewide office four times.

Wieczorek said Sunday that “Wall Street” owns the top end of both major parties and controls Congress. Wieczorek urged voters to look at his brochure. “At least I’ve got a program. The party doesn’t seem to have anything but to tear each other apart,” he said.

In their closing statements, Wieczorek said the nation faces “a philosophical war” on returning to a republic or continuing the path toward an empire."

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