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    First Debate

    At South Dakota State Fair Debate Wieczorek Only Candidate
    To Call Mueller Investigation "Witch Hunt"!

    The only candidate to attack the Mueller Investigation for Russian Election Meddling was Ron Wieczorek. Wieczorek call the investigation a witch hunt. Wieczorek set himself apart from the other candidates by attacking Wall Street as the controlling interest of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

    The Mitchell Republic coverage of the debate had the following to say about Candidate Wieczorek:

    "Wieczorek, from Mount Vernon, has been a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche’s campaigns for the Democratic presidential nomination and previously ran for statewide office four times.

    Wieczorek said Sunday that “Wall Street” owns the top end of both major parties and controls Congress. Wieczorek urged voters to look at his brochure. “At least I’ve got a program. The party doesn’t seem to have anything but to tear each other apart,” he said.

    In their closing statements, Wieczorek said the nation faces “a philosophical war” on returning to a republic or continuing the path toward an empire."

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  • Wieczorek Interviewed by EIR Magazine

    In the following pages is Candidate Ron Wieczorek's interview with Executive Intelligence Review Magazine correspondent Robert Baker.

    EIR Interview page 1

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  • Candidate Wieczorek Releases Statement on Trump and Russian Election Meddling

    July 26 Mt. Vernon, SD

    Ron Wieczorek, Independent Candidate for Congress Released the Following Statement

    "I agree 100% with this recent statement by Helga Zepp LaRouche."

    And then there is the all-important question in America: “How will this [Russiagate and the witchhunt] play in Peoria?”—“Peoria” being a metaphor for the Great Midwest of the United States, which has a very different political spectrum than the two coasts or Washington inside the Beltway. The majority of the citizens of these states chose Trump because they have been the victims of U.S. establishment policy, and not least because they want a better relationship with Russia. The congressional midterm elections in November will bring this to light.

    This domestic political debate in the United States has the most direct implications for the whole world. Should Trump prevail, then, despite the current tensions with China over the U.S. trade deficit, there is a chance for a whole new international policy among the nations of the world, based on recognition of sovereignty, non-intervention in each other’s internal affairs, dialogue and mutual benefit. If Trump’s opponents prevail, we are probably not far from World War III. So it’s time for supporters of “progressive,” “left,” and “liberal” politics, who have been in the same boat with the CIA, FBI, and MI6 since Trump’s election, to reflect on whether the mainstream media have not nudged them into the wrong corner.

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